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What is a tooth?

Each tooth is of two parts: the CROWN and the ROOT. The crown, the part of the tooth visible above the gums, is covered with ENAMEL The root is covered with CEMENTUM, a hard but more porous tissue, less white than the enamel. When a tooth is sectioned transversally, it`s possible to see the inner DENTIN, (slightly ivory in color), underneath the enamel and cementum. In the center of the tooth, which is core of the dentin, we find a canal: the PULP CANAL, that ends at the neck of the crown in an open structure, the PULP CHAMBER.

What are the different functions of the various teeth?


With the help of the tonque, the lips, and the cheeks, the teeth allow us to chew our food. We can all understand that this is why it is so important that our teeth remain healthy and well kept. This function is very important because it is the first step in preparing the food for digestion. In today`s modern life we tend to tat too quickly, and therefore to increase the amount of work that our stomach to do for digestion.